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About Us

Hope Textiles Limited is a small family run manufacturing business based in Salford, just outside of Manchester. I, (Laura B), run the business with my mum Pat and 7 other fantastic staff.

We began our journey back in 2010 as venue dressers who struggled to find affordable chair covers and tablecloths to use on the weddings that we decorated. Neither of us had ever used a sewing machine before and had no idea how to make a chair cover but we decided to give it ago. Our first chair cover was inside out and definitely wouldn't fit a chair but the second and third were much better until in the end we had several hundred in different sizes and colours.

We then ventured in to tablecloths, napkins and also table skirts. When we decided to give up venue dressing we thought we would sell off our stock and was amazed at the response we received from our buyers. This is when a little light bulb went off in our heads. Hey Presto...... In 2013 Hope Textiles was born. My back bedroom was our cutting room and my dining table was replaced with an over lock machine, not ideal but we made it work.

We enlisted the help of my good friend Laura Farrow (also known as Laura 2) bought a couple of cheap sewing machines and taught her how to sew and over lock. Within 3 years we have moved 3 times to bigger units and we now have a team of 9 staff. Oh and not to mention we won a Scoot Headline Award and was nominated for a Salford Business Award 2016.