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Are the sizes for the table or the tablecloth?

The sizes advertised are for the tablecloth

What size tablecloth should I order?

When working out the best size for your tablecloth we advise that you measure the following

Round/Square - Measure across the middle and then add the drop that you would like

e.g. 24" table would with a 12" drop on each side would require and 48" tablecloth.

Rectangle - Measure the length of the table and add the drop for both ends and then do the same for the width.

Are you extra wide cloths in one piece?

No - unfortunatley the fabric that we use is not wide enough to make the larger cloths in one piece, we therefore have to join the fabric using a neat stitch in the centre or for the 132" table cloths at each side.

Is the join obvious?

You can see the join however this can be disguised with a table runner and once you have your table set up with plates, cutlery and centerpieces it is less obvious. We sell to lots of venue dressers and event planners across the UK, many of whom have become repeat customers.